Sunday, November 10, 2013

goodreads Choice Awards 2013 and IKEA measurements are confusing

Hello Reader friends!
So it is that time of year, when goodreads invites readers to vote on the best books of 2013. The pressure! Seriously though, am I the only one that feels uncomfortable doing this?
I typically open the link with excitement knowing I get to vote on my favorite books!! Yeah!! Then reality sets in.  I only read one book in this category.  I didn't have time to read the other books. I can't vote based on only knowing only one book in the category.  There are two books I liked, I can't choose between them.  I like this book but there is another book that I loved in this category and it is not listed as an option. Should I write it in? Is writing it in pointless? The spiral of self talk continues until I just fast forward through the categories without placing a vote in the majority listed.
Regardless of the over thinking I do, I always love discovering new-to-me books. I follow the little rabbit holes looking at new authors, remembering the books I did read and why I did or did not like them. The time is well spent.

I'm currently wrapping reading the first book I will review here and picking out a recipe that I am excited to share. No fancy 'I can't find that ingredient in my local store' shenanigans going on here folks! So stay tuned for that.

Meanwhile, I will leave you with this shout out to IKEA. After my last set of measuring spoons met an untimely demise in the garbage disposal it was time for a new set. I had a girls trip  to IKEA scheduled so I decided to buy new ones there. I might have discovered why their furniture can be confusing; with the directions saying there are different sized bolts but they all look the same.

Our jerky ended up under-seasoned before I figured it out. 

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